How long has St Milburga Chapel been a holiday home?

Since 2005. There are residents of Stoke St Milborough who still remember when it was a fully functioning chapel in the 1970s, but it then became part of the C L Bodenham Agricultural Engineers and was used as the office to the company workshop to the side. Mr & Mrs Bodenham converted the chapel into holiday accommodation in 2005, a project which included a visit from Sarah Beeny who was filming a series for Channel 4. Sadly the chapel was not featured, although Mr Bodenham does still have a photo of himself with Sarah on his wall (he lives in Cherry Tree Cottage next door to the chapel). From 2005 to 2021 Mr & Mrs Bodenham ran the chapel before selling it to our company in 2022. We renovated it and installed the parking area, before reopening in early 2023.